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Shenzhen Hemeixin Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturer of the joint venture, who was established in 2001,with plant area of 18000sqm, monthly production capacity of 18000M2, more than 600 employees, and committed to single-sided, multilayer, battery plates, thick gold, buried / blind hole, high frequency, metal based, metal core, flat resistance, thick copper, mixed media, Rigid-flex PCB and other special high-precision / PCBA manufacturing business. Also formed a unique model for rapid production management system, under normal circumstances, single / double sided three days of delivery, MLB 5 days delivery Express model can be completed within 24 hours of delivery, at delivery model to 60 variety. Excellent quality and delivery advantages to help customers seize market opportunities.

Our company has a strong engineering and technical personnel and the introduction of advanced domestic first-class circuit board design, production and testing equipment, advanced CNC drilling, milling machine, exposure machine, PTH line, copper and tin production line production line and owned treatment works and other sophisticated environmental equipment, enhance the production testing and technical capabilities, high-frequency board manufacturing, characteristic impedance control, blind buried vias manufacturing, electrochemical plating nickel, lead-free immersion tin, lead-free HASL / fly needles are in the industry-leading test technology.

Shenzhen Hemeixin Electronics Co., Ltd. always adheres to its own internal capacity, quality and management improvement, with good results and get full recognition. The company specializes in the design and manufacture of 2 - 16 layerprinted circuit boards, advanced quality systems and inspection equipment, and through a highly qualified and experienced management team with a higher level ofproduction management techniques, the production process Round monitoring to ensure the stability of the production process and quality products are exported to Southeast Asia, Europe,and America.

Hemeixin Electronics Co., Ltd will be combined in the spirit of enterprise self-improvement,advancing with the times, sustainable development, to continue in good faith, the return of concern and support of our community, and the meteoric rise in the electronics industry, and strive to become first-class professional production of printed circuit board Providers and electronic manufacturing service providers. We would like tohigh-quality products, good service, steady delivery, very competitive prices, ourfriendly cooperation of the bridge. Warmly welcome customers at home and abroad to negotiate and cooperate!

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