Quality policy

Quality is the responsibility, quality is integrity, quality is the dignity

Quality is the greatest social responsibility! The relentless pursuit of zero defect quality, is the creation of human happiness in life assurance!

Quality is one of the largest business integrity! Sincere dedication quality to reach the acme of perfection to meet customer demand, is the important embodiment of!

Company strict implementation of strict quality policies, to improve the quality system and inspection equipment, a full range of production process monitoring, ensure the stability of the production process and continuous improvement.


Management policy

Perfect management system, to provide customers with products

Abide by the law of the effective use of resources, continuous improvement of the quality of the environment


Quality concept

Allows customers to rest assured that all the quality management of the starting and ending points.

1% defects may give users100% disaster


Management target

Customer complaint rate <0.5%

Product one-time pass rate of >99%

Product defect rate300 ppm

On time delivery rate of 100%

Customer satisfaction >99%

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